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This item is a Car Window Decal honoring Alec Flores and to show our love and support of the Flores Family.


$5 of each decal sale will be donated to the Flores Family, thank you for your supporting them!


FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING use code ALECDECAL at checkout to receive free First Class shipping, if you'd like Priority shipping, it can be purchased during checkout. Thank you!


Application instructions will be included in the envelope. Please read them carefully and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. These decals have strong adhesive and can easily be damaged if great care is not taken or instructions are not followed.

Make sure to clean the surface with rubbing alcohol first, this is very important for proper adhesion.

There will be three layers that put together your decal, a bottom paper layer which the decal is slightly stuck to, the decal itself, and then a top clear transfer tape layer with a square grid.

Use a credit card or flat edge to smooth the transfer layer down onto the decal before lifting the transfer layer and the decal up off of the bottom paper layer.

Make sure to lift ALL parts of the decal togethers so the design stays intact.

Once it is lifted off completely, carefully place the decal onto the desired surface starting from top or bottom. If any wrinkling occurs in the transfer layer that is ok, as long as the decal adheres completely flat.

Smooth down the transfer layer and the decal with a credit card or flat edge for maximum adhesion.

Then slowly roll the transfer layer off of the decal. Do not wash the window for at least 24 hours.

Honoring Alec Auto Window Decal

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